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Today we create the sustainability of the world with our own hands

Kochetkova-Korelova O.V.


Introductory speech from the editor-in-chief of the magazine. The article also provides an overview of the filling of number 3.

Transactional Analysis in Russia. 2022;2(2):6-7
pages 6-7 views

Scientific point of view

An overview of options on working with anxiety within the framework of the Transactional Analysis based on a case study

Gilek Y.N.


This article examines the practical case of psychotherapy of a client with anxiety. It presents an overview of various tools and methods, an analysis of the work, with advantages and disadvantages of various work methods highlighted. It is concluded that it is possible to work with anxious clients in a transactional-analytical approach. Psychotherapy should include structural and functional analysis, deconfusion of the Child's feelings, building up the Adult's support, development of inner care, training in new safe ways of behaving in situations that cause anxiety.

Transactional Analysis in Russia. 2022;2(2):8-12
pages 8-12 views

Changes in a woman's identity after childbirth

Dodonova I.V.


This article examines the changes in a woman's personality that happen to her after the birth of a child. The object of the research is an identity as a part of personality, which undergoes changes, and in particular maternal identity, which is built around a woman's ability to be a mother. The subject of the research is the relationship between the mother's identity status and her satisfaction with motherhood. We will look at the basic mechanisms of identity formation in terms of Transactional Analysis, and at the research on this topic done so far, and build a theoretical model of maternal identity. This article is based on the materials of master's thesis.

Transactional Analysis in Russia. 2022;2(2):13-23
pages 13-23 views

Obsessive-compulsive dynamics of eating disorders. Transactional-analytical approach

Rasulova V.V.


The article presents the results of a theoretical correlation of transactional-analytical models of emotional literacy by K. Steiner, obsessive-compulsive personality dynamics by A. Golovan and the mechanisms of formation of eating disorders. The results of an empirical study of the relationship between the severity of obsessive-compulsive personality dynamics and the presence of eating disorders are also described. Obsessive-compulsive dynamics is operationalized through indicators of the level of anxiety, alexithymia and emotional literacy. The results of a correlation analysis of the relationship between indicators of alexithymia according to the Toronto TAS-20 scale, which expresses a deficit in cognitive processing and regulation of emotions, and indicators of the level of emotional literacy according to the C. Steiner Emotional Awareness Scale, are presented.

Transactional Analysis in Russia. 2022;2(2):24-31
pages 24-31 views

Emotions study review

Mkhitaryan A.O.


Review of empirical research of human emotions.

Transactional Analysis in Russia. 2022;2(2):32-33
pages 32-33 views

Research of Richard Erskine's 8 Relational Needs

Mkhitaryan A.O.


The first published empirical study of relational needs (R. Erskine), conducted by Slovenian scientists in 2020.

Transactional Analysis in Russia. 2022;2(2):34-35
pages 34-35 views

Burnout: typical racket systems of professional helpers. Review of the article by Petrushka Clarkson

Mkhitaryan A.O.


Review of Petrushka Clarkson's article on burnout in the helping professions.

Transactional Analysis in Russia. 2022;2(2):36-39
pages 36-39 views

"I'm OK, You're OK"

A teachers in Russia: who is who?

Mkhitaryan A.O., Kochetkova-Korelova O.V.


The article features interviews with ten principal trainers of Transactional Analysis.

Transactional Analysis in Russia. 2022;2(2):45-53
pages 45-53 views

Notes from podcast with Fanita English

Mkhitaryan A.O.


Notes from podcast with Fanita English.

Transactional Analysis in Russia. 2022;2(2):40-41
pages 40-41 views

Notes from podcast with Adrienne Lee

Mkhitaryan A.O.


Notes from podcast with Adrienne Lee.

Transactional Analysis in Russia. 2022;2(2):42-44
pages 42-44 views

Irina Pingareva: “Using body techniques, we can take a shortcut to process trauma”

Barsukova S.A.


An interview with Irina Pingareva, a psychoanalyst, a Certified Transactional analyst of the European registry CTA-P-EATA, a body-oriented therapist, a teacher of the WORLD, the author of trainings and seminars, about the features of working with the body in the framework of Transactional Analysis.

Transactional Analysis in Russia. 2022;2(2):54-56
pages 54-56 views

History of Transactional Analysis

Berne's first translation in soviet Russia

Kochetkova-Korelova O.V.


The article tells about the first translations of Eric Berne's books in the USSR and the role of the mathematician, philosopher and publicist Abram Ilyich Fet in this. There are a memoirs of his wife Lyudmila Pavlovna.

Transactional Analysis in Russia. 2022;2(2):57-58
pages 57-58 views

Navigator in the World of TA

EATA updated the CTA Certification Exam Handbook

Mkhitaryan A.O.


Review of changes in the CTA Certification Exam Handbook.

Transactional Analysis in Russia. 2022;2(2):59-61
pages 59-61 views

Abstracts of the SOTA Scientific and Practical conference “Stability and integrity of identity as a resource for preserving relationships in a changing world“

Arif E.M.



Transactional Analysis in Russia. 2022;2(2):62-68
pages 62-68 views

How did I choose Transactional Analysis and find my trainer?

Kochetkova-Korelova O.V.


In this article, a Transactional Analysis 202 graduates talks about their experience of training. Why was Transactional Analysis preferred? How was the training? What can they recommend to those who are just starting their journey?

Transactional Analysis in Russia. 2022;2(2):69-77
pages 69-77 views

The professional standard of the consulting psychologist was approved: what's new for us?

Kochetkova-Korelova O.V., Barsukova S.A.


The article tells about the new professional standard of a psychologist-consultant. There are comments of the representatives of the main developer and the representative of the ethical committee of COTA.

Transactional Analysis in Russia. 2022;2(2):78-83
pages 78-83 views

SOTA. News



Transactional Analysis in Russia. 2022;2(2):84-84
pages 84-84 views

Book Reviews

Ways of Development of Transactional Analysis in both organizational and individual areas

Mitshimanorskaya Y.O.


My review of Gunther Mohr's book «Individual and Organizational TA in the 21st century» is compiled in such a way that describes the most important, in my opinion, issues that the author raised. I tried to write a review as if I was just starting to get acquainted with TA. In a high-tempo environment in modern society, the review is small, but capacious. I hope my subjective view will be useful to those who want to know what analysis in psychology is.

Transactional Analysis in Russia. 2022;2(2):85-86
pages 85-86 views

What is the “Garden of TA” and the “Star“ model?

Fazetinova A.A.


Review of the Gunter Mohr’s book "Individual and Organizational TA in the 21st Century" by Anastasia Fazetinova - psychologist, blogger, entrepreneur, in which she describes her impressions from reading it and gives brief information about how this book can be useful and interesting.

Transactional Analysis in Russia. 2022;2(2):87-87
pages 87-87 views

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